Liverpool UK
November 19th, 2016

Bluecoat Centre for Contemporary Arts,
Liverpool UK
Nov 19th – Dec 3rd, 2016

Tate Gallery
Liverpool, UK
Dec 1st – Dec 3rd, 2016

Released Online
Dec 4th, 2016
Watch here for link.

About the Animation

Flying is uncomfortable for many people, but when the physical infrastructure of the plane doesn’t accommodate your body and/or the social attitudes of other passengers make the plane environment a hostile space, flying can be a particularly anxious thing to do. News stories about fat passengers often present them as unreasonably taking up space that is not their own, as a problem for others, dehumanising fat people akin to ‘excess baggage’. To challenge these narratives, this animation presents the voices of fat passengers as they explain the challenges of fitting into spaces that exclude them both socially and materially. The animation encourages people to empathise with fat people as fellow passengers and human beings, and to think about the political and economic relations that contribute to this exclusion.

Bodies Come in All Sizes

But sadly physical spaces do not.  This animation explores the financial and social exclusions that determine whose body is considered and whose body is not in the creation of material medians. More to the point, it looks at the lived experiences of those whose bodies are ‘designed out’ of physical spaces.

Animation Process:

This animation is based on research completed by Stacy Bias at Goldsmiths, University of London while completing a joint degree in Anthropology & Media.  This research included a survey of 800 participants and 28 in-depth interviews with fat air passengers.  The voice clips are taken from live interviews and used with the permission of all participants.  This animation was partially funded by the University of Liverpool and is in collaboration with Dr. Bethan Evans, Senior Lecturer in the department of Human Geography. All animation and illustration was completed by Stacy Bias.